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Compressor Copeland ZR 94
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IDR 7000000.00

Specification of

Compressor Copeland ZR 94

Type: Hermetic piston compressors

Producer: Copeland

Series: ZR

Model: ZR94KC - TFD R22 7.5PK

Copeland ZR Series

The Copeland Scroll compressor from the results of large-scale research and development from 1979. This effort has resulted in the production of the most advanced scroll compressor designs currently available for air conditioning, heat pumps and current temperature applications.

System manufacturers choose scroll compressors more than other compressor technologies for several reasons: low sound, efficiency and superior debate, compatibility with heat pump applications and ease of design.


  • Cocok untuk R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, dan R410/A aplikasi AC
  • Dibebankan dengan minyak Polyolester
  • Anti-getaran gunung disediakan
  • Rotalock katup & aksesoris listrik harus dipesan secara terpisah

Series features

  • 9 models in series
  • displacement from 4,4 m³/h to 84,2 m³/h
  • cooling capacity (te=5ºC, tc=50ºC)
  • 1) from 3,73 kW to 80,43 kW for R407C
  • 2) from 4,81 kW to 66,96 kW for R22
  • motor power from 1,5 HP to 30 HP
  • available with motors on 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • lubrication with ester oil

Standard equipment

  • screwed sight glass
  • Rotalock connections
  • Schraeder connection
  • assembly washer
  • discharge temperature control

Optional equipment

  • external crankcase heater (70W)


  • medium temperatures (from 7 ºC to -30 ºC)
  • refrigerants R22, R134a and R404A / R507/ R410A

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